Thursday, 2 April 2009


I possess the balance of the first draft of the millenium bridge and the poise of Roy 'Chubby' Brown so I feel it's time to put this into practice and start skateboarding. I'm optimistic and with my birthday coming up I think I can warrant buying my own skateboard and start rolling slowly about my area on the lookout for rails and benches and elderly people to terrorise.

I've been out 'skateboarding' twice in the last few weeks.

It all reminds me of being 13 and my failure to skateboard.

"You know some people aren't made to do something but they want to do it a lot, so instead they write about it." The words of wisdom instilled by my friend earlier.


The newspapers and my letter box are getting filled with more and more vouchers. I know the financial world is in a bad way but to me this means more £1.99 Big Macs and buy one get one free Pizzas. Also bottled water is getting cheaper. This is brilliant because my diet currently consists of bottled water and Big Macs.